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Step by Step

Step 1

If you're a committee member/director of a residents' association/company which is responsible for a private road or estate in England or Wales, and you'd like to find out about PRS insurance, please start by reading the information on this website.

The pages in this section will tell you about the different sorts of cover offered by our basic policy - and the additional covers which we can also provide on request.  Please also consult our FAQ page for the answers to many regular queries.

And please read our Terms and Conditions, and our Regulatory Information pages, both of which are important. Please note in particular our rules in relation to contacts.


Step 2

Ask us for a quick quotation, using the quick quotation form in the panel to the right- please don't use the application form! If there are any special features or hazards which may affect the risk, please let us know, so that we can consult the insurers.

We normally send quotations by email, with a copy of our brochure and other material including the Policy Document and Schedule. But please let us know if you would like more (or less) information.

Acceptance of risk is subject to the completion and approval of a Statement of Fact (i.e. application) form. 


Step 3

If your association/company has decided to go ahead with PRS insurance please use the application form which starts on our home page, where it says "Apply online".  Fill in your own name and your association's name, then click on the button to work through the form.

You can choose to have PRS insurance or PRS membership or both.  Membership is a valuable addition to insurance:  please see our Membership pages for full details.

Alternatively, if you prefer to fill in a paper form, we can email you a form to print off, or we can send one by post - just let us know.

Please remember that an insurance contract is a contract "of the utmost good faith":  it's the responsibility of the person seeking cover to make full disclosure, so that the insurers can assess the risk. If you're unsure about what needs to be disclosed, please let us know.

You can start cover at any time;  but please note that, for reasons of administrative efficiency, we run policies to the end of a month - for example, 10 March 2011 to 31 March 2012 - premiums being calculated on a pro rata basis.  Don't send any money - we will work out the cost, and send an invoice in one of our new binders.


Step 4

Please pay promptly!  You can pay by cheque (payable to private Roads Services - our address is on our Contact us page) or by bank transfer - ask us for the necessary account details.

On receipt of payment we will send a "live" Schedule, which will contain the name of your association/company, levels of cover, dates etc. The Policy Document and the Schedule, together with the application form, contain the contract of insurance.


Step 5

We will send you a temporary password.  Please don't forget to log in and change the password within &&& days, so that you have access to our Insurance clients' pages.  These contain background information, explanation of claims procedure, how renewal works, and answer many queries.

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