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Other Resources

Other resources available to members include:

  • Model memorandum and articls of association for a company, and model rules for an unincorprated association.  (These also form part of our Starter Pack.)
  • Our Code of Practice for Development. This is designed to be used as it is, or in amended form, as a basis for negotiations with developers.  Equally it can be used as a source of guidance (together with MPRE) in dealing with developers.
  • Archived correspondence with government departments and other bodies.
  • A model form of estate rentcharge, drafted by CXounsel.  (An estate rentcharge is a legal device, to ensure that the current owner of a given house pays an annual sum to the residents' association.)  We charge a small fee for providing copies.

We also maintain an "On the shelf" section in our members' pages, containing ideas which have been canvassed but which have not attracted sufficient interest to be developed and put into practice.  We are always willing to reconsider these ideas if they attract sufficient support.

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