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Our newsletters aim to keep members up to date by drawing attention to current legal and practical issues.

At the moment we tend to produce about three newsletters each year, and we notify members by email when a newsletter appears, so that they can access it here.  We expect to leave newsletters on this site for about a year, after which we will merge their contents, if they are of more than passing interest, with MPRE.

We are happy to take into account views about whether there should be more (or fewer!) newsletters. Feedback from members about points raised in our newsletters is always welcome.  We usually receive much less feedback than we would like;  so if you have a comment to make about an item in a newsletter, please don't hesitate to let us know.

Members who are logged in can download newsletters by clicking in the left hand column;  e.g. click on "February 2013" to download the February 2013 newsletter.

Recent PRS newsletters



March 2016

Housekeeping (paper and electronic communication) - contacts - advice from PRS - PRS insurance - PRS booklets  - the ParkingEye case and ticketing - establishing rights of way - boundaries (the "hedge and ditch" presumption) - bona vacantia (land passing to the Crown) - copyright (quoting PRS material)

January 2017

Housekeeping - PRS insurance (tax and regulation) - "Brexit" - new edition of Private Roads: The Legal Framework - roads and trees - resisting parking easements - Kent carriage gaps.

February 2018

Housekeeping - PRS insurance (minor changes to policy) - regulatory matters:  in particular the General Data Protection Regulation ("GDPR"), which will apply to residents' association and companies, and other EU legislation which applies to us and which will affect our members and insurance clients indirectly.




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