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March 2016 newsletter

31st March 2016

We're pleased to announce that our latest newsletter, dated March 2016, is now available in the members' pages of our website.

This covers:   Housekeeping (paper and electronic communication) - contacts - advice from PRS - PRS insurance - PRS booklets  - the ParkingEye case and ticketing - establishing rights of way - boundaries (the "hedge and ditch" presumption) - bona vacantia (land passing to the Crown) - copyright (quoting PRS material)

To read the newsletter, log in to our members' pages using the name and passsword in the Essentials section  of your PRS binder, click on "Newsletters", then in the table of  Recent newsletters click on "March 2016" in the left-hand column to download the newsletter as a pdf file, which will open in your browser or the Adobe pdf reader programme. 

All comments from members are, as usual, most welcome.

Andrew Barsby