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Enhancements to our insurance cover

12th April 2017

We are delighted to announce that the cover offered by our exclusive insurance scheme has been enhanced in two respects.

First, the "all risks" (i.e. property damage) cover was formerly  subject to a single item limit of £10,000 and an annual limit of £25,000. These limits have been replaced by a  limit of £30,000 which will henceforth be both the single item limit and the annual limit.   (There will continue to be some cases in which higher limits are necessary to cover such  things as electronically controlled gates and security barriers, and these will be available as before, subject to some additional premium.)

Secondly, the all risks section of the policy now covers accidental damage to the surface of private roads. The cover is subject to the overall limit of £30,000, and subsidence and wear and tear are excluded.   Claims will need to be supported by independent confirmation of the damage.

These improvements to the cover we offer are both valuable additions, and we are sure they will be welcomed by all our insurance clients. For the future, we will continue to work hard, with the encouragement and support of Ansvar Insurance (part of Ecclesiastical) to maintain our position as the leading insurance scheme for private roads and estates.