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Changes of contact

Our "One contact only" rule is set out in our Terms and Conditions, cl. 5. Please see also our FAQs on contacts.

Please note that changes of contact take place IF AND ONLY IF we receive, and expressly agree to, a request made in accordance with our Terms and Conditions (cl. 6). The fact that the contact has moved away, or has resigned as a committee member/director, does not automatically mean they are no longer the contact.

We don't expect to refuse a request for a change of contact, and rarely do so:  we simply want to make sure that there is a proper handover of responsibility, and in particular that (a) the affairs of the association are in order, in so far as they concern PRS membership and/or insurance, and (b) the proposed new contact has read and agreed to our Terms and Conditions. Both these things are important if we are to continue offering our services to members and insurance clients. It follows that if the position isn't clear we won't agree to the change, and the contact will therefore not change.

To request a change of contact, please click on the link below to download the brief form.  This should be completed by the existing contact and the proposed new contact together (i.e. at the same time and in the same place) and returned to us in the post by the existing contact, to whom we will then respond. 

If a change is expressly agreed by us, the PRS binder should be handed to the new contact on the agreed date.  We will send new summary page for the PRS binder to the new contact, in time for the change. (Note:  the form has been updated to reflect the coming into effect of the GDPR on 25 May 2018.) 

In an emergency we will on request waive the 28-days' notice.

Contacts should be reasonably familiar with the use of computers and must have a reliable email address.  (We use email as much as possible, in the interests of speed and efficiency, and we rely on contacts to read the information in the members' and insurance pages on our website.)

It's also sensible, for obvious reasons, not to choose as contact someone who is away a lot.

Form for requesting change of contact