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Book and Online Guide

All members receive a copy of our book, Private Roads:  The Legal Framework.  The current edition is the fifth, published in 2013. The contents of the book are summarised in the table on the right.  Members are entitled to buy further copies, if they wish, at half price.

While our book is available to the public at large, our online guide, Managing Private Roads and Estates is exclusive to members. It exists only in electronic form, and is not published. It deals with the practicalities of managing private roads and estates, from the point of view of residents' associations and companies.  In other words, it complements our book, which deals with the law.

The contents of Managing Private Roads and Estates are summarised in our Members' pages.  (The chapters themselves consist of pdf files, which can be downloaded by members when they are logged in, subject to the copyright restrictions set out in our Terms and Conditions.)


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Summary of Book

Private roads at a glance
Table of contents
1. Overview
2. Ownership
3. Highways (1)
4. Highways (2)
5. Rights of way and other easements
6. Parking
7. Civil law
8. Offences
9. Planning
10. Powers of local authorities
11. Services
12. Making up and adoption
13. Organisation
Table of authorities